For over 3 years now, we've been on a mission to make Irish Revolutionary history more attractive to a wider audience.

We have built an incredible community of more than 45,000 Irish Revolutionary history enthusiasts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The level of engagement we experience with this community is unexpected and unprecedented.

But unfortunately in repeated acts of censorship, Facebook have restricted our page, unpublished our page and then removed it completely.

But we carry on regardless.

With this Irish Revolutionary action figure, we want to:

1) Make Irish Revolutionary history more appealing.
2) Develop a new kind of product for Irish Revolutionary history fans.
3) Pay tribute to Irish Revolutionaries of the era 1919 - 1923.

Most people focus on the Irish Revolutionary period of 1919 - 1921 but we believe that those who stayed loyal to the Irish Republic during the Irish civil war of 1922 - 1923 also deserved to be remembered equally.

Help us spread the love of Irish Revolutionary history by supporting our Kickstarter campaign which is launching soon!

The History Of The Irish Revolutionary Action Figure

The Presentation of the Prototype of The Irish Revolutionary Action Figure

The Production Prototype of The Irish Revolutionary Action Figure

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